Welcome to the Vector World!

Drag and drop characters, objects, buildings, plants inside the scenarios to create your custom illustrations.


Create your Custom illustrations

This is a Starter Kit which allows you to create cool vector illistrations by yourself.

All vector art elements included in this collection are designed so that you can combine them together. Create in minutes original illustrations for websites, apps, blogs, motion graphics, brochures with Vetor World Starter Kit.

What’s inside the package

Posable Characters


Buildings Collection

Plants Collection

Iconic Objects

6 Scenarios
6 Textures

Bonus Illustrations Included

Made with Vector World Starter Kit

How to create illustrations on your own

Watch the videos to learn, step by step, how to use Vector World Starter Kit.

Adobe Illustrator is required.

Hot to create Contemporary Society
Duration 2:45 min
Hot to create Offer banner
Duration 2:08 min
Hot to create Society Analysis
Duration 2 min

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Vector World series is constantly growing with new collections.
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Latest updates

Version 2.0
  • Added Mainstream People Kit
  • Added Running People Kit
  • Added Walking People Kit
  • Added Civil Buildings Kit
  • Added Plant Series Kit
  • Added Strange Flora Kit
  • Added Symbolic Objects Kit
  • Complete restyling of the 6 Scenatios
  • Complete restyling of Textures Kit
  • Optimized Plants and Buildings size (less stress for PC memory)
  • Optimized the Objects Starter Kit details
  • Optimized the shapes of all stuff
  • Many minor improvements
Version 1.2
  • Added 2 new Clipart Objects: “Rockets” and “Target”
  • Added 2 new Scenarios: “Mission Launched” and “Downtown”
  • Enhanced the “Inside the House” Scenario
  • Added “Towards the Future” Bonus Illustration
Version 1.1
  • Added the more interesting “On Cloud” Scenario
  • Enhanced the 4th Bonus Illustration “Following Money” with the new “On Cloud” scenario
  • Enhanced the “Quite Land” Scenario