Hero Illustrations for Your Brand

The hero Illustrations help your website to catch the attention of the public thanks to the immediacy of the images and the originality of the style.

Boost Your Design with Hero Illustrations

Nothing is better than an impactful illustration to communicate values and identity of your brand.
Lots of top brands have chosen Hurca! illustrations for their communication.

Kraken Logo
Bombay Sapphire

Original Art Enhances Your Identity

Choose the category and find illustrations that best reflect the values of your brand. Set you a part from competitors thanks to original illustrations that give a unique style and a clear identity.

Each of my illustrations tells a story.


The characters are part of a world with its own rules: a precise color scheme, different levels of stylization, a selection of textures. My goal is to catch the  mood of the subject and communicate it in a unique style.

Mirko  Grisendi AKA Hurca!


Hurca! sign