The essential of Mirko Grisendi – Fotolia interview

Featured on the blog today is Fotolia contributor Mirko Grisendi aka and his collection of over 1000 vector files that all feature a simple and straightforward style. With a handful of colours, stylised forms and a fresh style, Mirko is able to easily communicate a concept or an idea without needing to add too many words. Let’s hear more about it from Mirko!

Hi Mirko! Tell us something about yourself and how you start to collaborate with Fotolia?

Hello! I’ve been working in design and communication since the ‘90s and I’ve worked with print media, the web, comic books and videos. I discovered Fotolia a couple years ago when I was purchasing photos, videos and illustrations for my graphic projects.

I especially enjoyed the vector illustrations and decided to play this game trying to create the same items I was buying.

Today, I have more than thousand vector files published on Fotolia and, after two years, my sources of inspiration and motivation continue to grow.

Can you tell us something about your creative process? How long it takes to complete each work?

I chose the “essentiality” as a constant for my jobs.

As suggested by Fotolia’s philosophy, the images must leave space for the imagination of those who will use them. The challenge is therefore to create subjects that lend to reprocessing or to the user’s completion on the use that will do.

Therefore, I often create three or more chromatic variations of the same illustration. With some projects, I choose not to ask for everyone’s opinion, preferring to redraft the form, graphics and colour with every new person and imagine many different possible applications. I spend several hours on more complex and detailed subjects, but generally, when the idea is already clear and the subject uncomplicated, the picture will take shape within a few minutes. […]

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